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About Us

Welcome to Global Christian Leadership Network.

G.C.L.N. is a Global Christian Community pursuing an universal authentic “ECCLESIA (Biblical Church)” as part of the body of Christ who is the head. We do our best to preach the good news of Jesus Christ into the end of the earth holding the gospel of the love in one hand and the bread in the other with the most effective way.

The goals of our ministry especially in mission field are focused on “Building Local Leaders”, “From Text to Life” and “Self-supporting. Self-governing. Self-propagation”. Our ministry principle: teaching, preaching gospel and healing(recovering) based on the ministry of Jesus in Galilee(Matt 4:23)

sunghee lee

Rev. Seong Hee Lee

  • Dongguk University, Korea
  • Dongguk Graduate School of Business, Korea
  • PHD Course work in Industrial Strategy at INPL, France
  • Talbot Graduate School of Theology in BIOLA University, USA
  • Doctor of Ministry at P.T.S.A, USA
  • Doctor of Inter-cultural studies at P.TS.A, USA
  • Former Missionary in Russia, Yugoslavia
  • Former Senior Pastor at California Presbyterian Church


GCNL Global Ministry Network